Offering Commercial and Custom Residential Building Services Since 1990.

Phillips Interior/ Exterior Systems, Inc. has been providing a wide variety of building products and services to the Metro St. Louis Area. Our firm is family owned, and we are the go-to contractor for input from the architectural community and general contractors when they need assistance on properly designing and installations of plastering systems.

Services We Offer

Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS)

These are exterior cladding systems that offer thermal efficiency and a light weight decorative facade to the building. Incorporating a weather barrier coating behind the assemblies and options on decorative elements.

Plaster Systems

Whether it's a new project or restoration of an existing building, we offer a wide variety of plastering products and services from veneer plaster, ornamental plaster, venetian plaster and stucco systems.

Weather Barrier Systems

Fluid-Applied Barrier Coatings applied to the building exterior envelope are beneficial in providing maximum protection against the elements. We offer a variety of systems which are designed to protect from Air/ Moisture and Vapor infiltration past the building's exterior assemblies. And when required can be rated as Fire-Resistive Systems. Barrier Coatings can reduce a building's energy consumption thus saving on energy operating cost.

Framing & Drywall Systems

Whether its exterior or interior applications, we offer installation services for a wide variety of framing and drywall assemblies. When the construction schedules demand are fast pace, we specialize in prefabrications of wall assemblies that offer faster turnaround installations.