Interior Systems

We offer a variety of services to create interior systems suited to your building and your needs.

Our systems are practical, serving the operational and logistical needs of your space, but are also aesthetically pleasing.

Acoustical Finish Systems

We use a variety of Manufacturers products. There are a range of choices, cellulose, acoustic and plaster systems. These products offer several options including texture as well as color and sound absorbing benefits.

Veneer Plaster

Veneer plaster is a thin layer of plaster applied over the substrate. We use US Gypsum veneer plaster that is dense, scuff resistant, and easy to apply. Veneer plaster can be colored, and is versatile enough to be applied in a number of textures. It is rare to find applicators of veneer plaster in many areas.

Special and Ornamental Finishes

We offer a variety of special finishes like wax plaster, stone, and more. We also offer ornamental finishes, which are exactly what they sound like. These finishes have special textures, patters, or designs that make for stunningly beautiful interior spaces.


Fires are a constant worry for any building, and those with steel structures have to worry about a fire wearing the structural integrity of the frame. Phillips Interior Exterior Systems provides fireproofing measures, including spray fireproofing. In a dangerous, life or death situation like a fire, minutes, even seconds can make all the difference. Spray fireproofing buys valuable time to get out of a burning building before the building collapses.

Metal Framing/Drywall

We offer a variety of framing assemblies consisting of various components. For more information on drywall, frames, studs, or the process, visit our drywall page.

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