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Exterior Insulation and Finishing System

Function and Form are both possible with an Exterior Insulation and Finishing System (E.I.F.S.) installed by Phillips Interior / Exterior. Our goal is to protect your building, while creating an aesthetic that showcases the character of your design.

When it comes to protecting your building, proper installation of E.I.F.S. is vital. Our trained installers are experienced in implementing a variety of E.I.F.S. products to ensure full protection of your building. Along with keeping your building safe, Phillips Interior / Exterior is capable of installing a wide range of finishes to give you the design aesthetic you are looking for.

EIFS Products

Finding the right product is important, but so is finding the right people to install it. Phillips Interior / Exterior works with multiple manufacturers and a wide variety of E.I.F.S. products. Our installers know the specifications and best practices for many E.I.F.S. suppliers, including dryvit, Sto, Senergy, and Parex. No matter the requirements for your E.I.F.S. project, Phillip Interior / Exterior can find the right product, and install it the right way.


With E.I.F.S., Phillips Interior / Exterior can give you the look you want with a variety of finishes. The outside of your building is just as important as the inside. Phillip Interior / Exterior can install a variety of finishes as part of an E.I.F.S., including stucco, smooth finish, a variety of textured finishes, and even brick appearances. We can finish your building in any color imaginable, giving you the flexibility to be as creative as you want.