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E.I.F.S. Cornice Shape Molding

E.I.F.S. Cornice Shapes

Protecting your building with E.I.F.S. doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice form for function. The design flexibility of E.I.F.S. allows Phillips Co to create a unique look for your cornice molding that showcases your building. Phillips Co. can custom cut pre-shaped cornice pieces for efficient installation, saving time and money while not sacrificing any of the aesthetic appeal of your building.


With E.I.F.S., your custom designed cornice molding can be part of your water management system. Including the cornice molding as a continuous system with E.I.F.S. enables you to protect your building while maintaining its design character. Phillips Co.’s expert E.I.F.S. installers ensure that the cornice molding is integrated properly into the whole system, creating efficient building protection.

Installing E.I.F.S. Cornice Molding

There are two methods Phillips Co. utilizes to install cornice molding as part of E.I.F.S. For simple shapes, Phillips Co. installers build the cornice molding on site. We can build up the shape, then add the brown coat and finish on site. This reduces the costs of pre-fabrication, while maintaining on-site efficiency.

For more elaborate shapes, we pre-fabricate the foam pieces, and apply the brown coat offsite. This allows Phillips Co. installers to fasten the cornice molding in pieces and saves time onsite. Both methods are utilized to maximize efficiency and minimize cost for each unique project.

Cornice Design and Finishing

Phillips Co's. ability to pre-fabricate cornice shapes allows you to create any design you can imagine. Along with shape, Phillips Co. can finish your cornice molding in any color imaginable. With Phillips Co., you can be sure that your E.I.F.S. cornice molding will be installed cost effectively with the highest quality.